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hot generator load bank test from 100kw to 1000kw

hot generator load bank test from 100kw to 1000kw
Product Detailed

1. facotory tesing of generator sets & UPS
2. capacity from 100kw to 1000kw
3. Resistive type
4. ISO9001:2008 certificated

Main parameters and fitting:

1.  Resistance load equipment: 510KW

2.  Power factor: 1.0

3.  Test voltage: three phase AC voltage 380V

4.  Frequency: 50--60Hz

5.  Active power step:

Step 1 =  5 Kw,   Step 2 =  5KW

Step 3 =  10KW, Step 4 =  30KW

Step 5 =  30KW, Step 6 =  30KW

Step 7 =  60KW  Step 8 = 60KW

Step 9 = 90KW , Step 10= 90KW

Step 11=  90KW

6. Normal Operational Conditions

    In summer the ambient temperature is 45,humidity is 90%.In winter the ambient temperature is -10, humidity is 50%

7. ventilation power and the control power of the load bank are 3 phase 5 wire ( 380V + N + PE), total control power is 3 KW.

8. Cooling mode: forced air convection, the fanner with axial-flow, the direction of the air is coming from the bottom and outgoing from the above.

9. Controlling mode: Manual control.

10. Load bank rated power error: thermal state: -4, cold state: -2.

11. Protection device: over-current, short-current, over-load protection for the fanner. With over heat and less pressure protection for resistance pile.

12) the temperature for load bank outlet is about 250

13) IP for main return circuit: IP23

14) Insulation degree for motor: F

15) Working mode: continuous


Main units:

1. resistance tube: we selected self developed stereo-type resistance unit, the unit impedance is above DC500V 100MΩ,the withstand voltage is AC2000V/minitue,each resistance tube resistance error is ±2%.

2.  Main circuit

     AGRP 2.5 mm2,16 mm2 BVR .

     AGPP-60 +200


   Specification of the cable: AGRP thermo stable wire2.5 mm2,16 mm2  and BVR cable. AGPP cable temperature is -60-+200

   Contactor: LC1 series contactor of Schneider

3.  the fanner with axial-flow

     Working condition: ambient temperature: -10-+55

      Relative humidity: 90% - 95%

4. instrument:  HY5802Y with RS-485

         Ambient temperature:  HY5802Y with RS-485

         Relative humidity: ≤90%

         Precision: 0.5

5.  Transformer: CLJ-0.66 of Changjiang

6. the frame are welded by the section steel with protection net for wind coming and going end.

7.  overall dimension: L1740 X W900 X H1120MM

8. N.T: 295kgs

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